Heroes Still Exist


    The title HERO is not taken, it is given. It is not comfortable to those on whose shoulders it lands. It is not something that any true hero is comfortable being called. For true heroes are humble and do not seek admiration for the actions which cause them to be called by such a reverent name.  Heroes run towards the sound of danger, stare evil in the eyes and do not blink. Heroes keep the wolf at bay while others  sleep soundly in your bed at night. Heroes quietly get up early, stay late and do those things that most feel are beneath them. Heroes motivate us and  make us feel safe.  A Hero does not wish to be called a Hero - That is part of what makes them so great. 

Heroes Still Exist is an appreciative "Thank You" to America's greatest asset, It's men and women who wear the uniform. Heroes Still Exist - We have not forgotten who the true heroes are.

                                                - The Kabra Team

100 percent of the profits from the sale of these shirts will be donated to Veterans who have a need.